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Peer Rope has a new Home!!

Years in the making - a project finally come to fruition.

Since loosing Venue 63 a few years ago PRA has been trying to find a home. After being moved, losing venues to sales and renovations and adapting to a nomadic life the 19/20 committee is pleased to announce that we are moving into a new central premises, a beautiful studio space, with plans to start classes in person on 8th June 2020.

We have a place to call our own and craft into space that emulates our values as a community group.

While the committee works on the renovations and fit out we ask that our members and community get behind us in fundraising to help with the set up costs. If you can share the link to our go fund me please do! Share far and wide.

Finally: Thank You! thank you for being a part of this community. For your support in attending munches, classes, workshops, events and parties. You guys made this possible.

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