Upcoming Events

Weekly Classes

Our regular classes are held 3 nights per week.

Knot 1 - Beginners - Wednesday nights Book Here

Knot 2 - Floor Rope (intermediate) - Monday and Thursday nights

Knot 3 - Suspension (upper intermediate learning uplines) - Thursday nights

Knot 4 - Transitions (advanced) - Monday nights


10th September - Self Tie Saturday

Wanting to start your rope journey but don't have a rope partner? Wanting to further you switchy rope skills? Perhaps just after another self care option?

Whatever the reason, our Self Tie Saturday classes are a brilliant opportunity to learn, whether you're new to rope, or have the fundamentals down pat

Tickets can be booked here


13th August - Torture Ties


Come and join us as we explore the delicious pain of torture ties with 4mm rope
Member and non member tickets available. Each ticket comes with 2 hanks of rope to practice and recreate these ties at home

Please contact us for more information

Rope Jams
Open Jam Template.png

Come and join us for our monthly night of social ropey fun!

All levels welcome. A great chance to meet new friends, and tie with different people. Click on the links below to buy tickets


Upcoming dates:
26th August

30th September

26th October

Email us for further information and how to book in for these events