Upcoming Events

Weekly Classes

Our regular classes are held 3 nights per week.

Knot 1 - Beginners - Wednesday nights

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Knot 2 - Floor Rope (intermediate) - Monday and Thursday nights

Knot 3 - Suspension (upper intermediate learning uplines) - Thursday nights

Knot 4 - Transitions (advanced) - Monday nights


November - Risque Rope @ Feast


We have 14 excited members busily preparing their shows, some being their debut to the stage!

Additional to this we have 2 special guest joining us from Melbourne, the wonderful Succubus and Noxiousblossom!

This event has members from all levels displaying their skills

Succubus and Noxiousblossom will be joining us for the first weekend (4th and 5th November), with an all local talent show on the second weekend (25th and 26th November)

Book early to avoid missing out!

Rope Jams

Come and join us for our monthly night of social ropey fun!

All levels welcome. A great chance to meet new friends, and tie with different people. Click here to buy tickets


Upcoming dates:

30th December

27th January

24th February


Email us for further information and how to book in for these events