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About Peer Rope

Peer Rope Adelaide Inc is a community based social club in Adelaide, South Australia that primarily focuses on the activity of Japanese Shibari inspired rope art.

Peer Rope Adelaide exist to provide a safe environment for people interested in Japanese rope to meet up, learn, and practice rope together. Peer Rope recognises that many people practice rope at home without adequate knowledge of the safety aspects required. Peer Rope Adelaide exist to allow interested people to come and learn safely in a friendly environment from knowledgeable practicing rope artists. 

Peer Rope Adelaide has a written course syllabus for both riggers and models. Progress through levels will be based on assessment criteria against the curriculum. Particular emphasis is placed on safety knowledge demonstrated before progression is permitted.

Peer Rope Adelaide actively promotes consent positive interactions within all club activities and requires an open, inclusive and respectful learning environment for all its members.

While Peer Rope Adelaide is primarily about Japanese style rope on some occasions, either through opportunity of visiting artists or by requests of the members some other styles of western rope may be taught for special workshops.

Peer Rope Adelaide will support and facilitate rope art displays in the Adelaide area created by its members who wish to put on such displays.

Based on feedback from the members and availability of suitable instructors other special courses on alternative life style activities may be run on top of the regular rope classes. 

The Peer Rope Team

Peer Rope Adelaide has committee members that set out the content and the way in which we learn on a weekly basis.

Office holders  

President - Danny  

Vice President - Kit

Secretary - Emily

Treasurer - Sims

General members 




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