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Inclusivity Statement

Peer Rope Adelaide Inc is a space for intentional inclusivity. We recognise the intersectionality that occurs in kink; acknowledging that we need to be aware of minorities, conscious of pervasive micro aggressions and work continually to provide a space for all our members and visitors to learn shibari which is free from intentional and unintentional harm with word and deed.

We do not accept discrimination, bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, ableism or sexism.

We know better and we do better.

Class Expectations

  • All Peer Rope Adelaide Inc events are strictly 18+. 

  • Pay before class starts.

  • Consent positive space. Facilitators will ask before we touch you when assisting. Have a discussion with your rope partner about how you feel, physically and emotionally. Informed consent requires knowledge and understanding.

  • Let us know your pronouns. 

  • All bodies are good bodies. We do not tolerate language that demeans others.

  • Adhere to reasonable direction and requests from Committee Members and Class Facilitators.

  • Please respect others and their belongings, do not step on their mats/equipment during class.

  • Do not tie if your skills are impaired. This includes if you are too tired, injured, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Safety shears. We expect riggers to have access to safety shears when tying.

  • Model warm ups. Keep your body safe by stretching and moving before class starts.

  • Have a look at the syllabus, facilitators are happy to let you know what areas need work to progress to the next level.

  • Please be mindful of your noise level during class, this is to ensure dyads can communicate while in a tie sequence.

  • Any activities undertaken are done so at your own risk.

  • Take photos, post them on our private Facebook group but keep others out of the background.

  • Join our private Facebook group to keep up to date on events.

  • Have fun!

Capture Play Party Rules

  • Capture encourages Informed Consent, PRICK, RACK and SSC in all play and scenes

  • If a DM (Dungeon Monitor) see’s something unsafe or dangerous they will ask you to stop your play

  • Do not touch anyone without their permission. Please be mindful of BDSM protocol eg. collars

  • If you are affected by drugs or alcohol you will not be allowed to play. If you impinge on other safety, you may be asked to leave

  • No sex or penetration is permitted at any time.

  • Suspension play can only occur from the approved suspension frame points. You MUST have cutters on hand during any suspension.

  • Please do not play above your knowledge or skill level.

  • Photos of play can be taken by a DM only. This is to protect the privacy of others in attendance. If you must use your phone, please do so outside or in a quite area like the kitchen space

  • Please clean all play equipment with wipes provided before and after play.

  • Do not touch anyone’s play equipment without their permission, this includes rope. Please avoid walking/stepping on other rope.

  • Do not intrude or interrupt other play scenes as they are pre-negotiated by those involved. Please ensure you give adequate  space to those playing with equipment such as floggers.

  • All studio house rules, code of conduct and consent policy continue to apply

  • If you have questions or concerns, please seek out an DM (wearing ‘DM’ lanyard) or a committee member

Medical Play Rules

  • Please keep all medical play confined to the designated area.

  • Please be quiet and respectful of those playing.

  • Please do not leave the area until it has been cleaned and waste is disposed of in a sharps container which are provided.

  • Please use the provided cleaning products to clean the Area (viraclean) before and after use.

  • Do not spatter blood

  • Black plastic rolls have been provided for easy clean up and to prevent contamination. Please dispose of plastic after use.

  • Please clean up any spills of blood/body fluid using the provided viraclean

  • All other general party rules apply

  • All studio house rules, code of conduct and consent policy continue to apply

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