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Peer Rope adapting to the Covid-19 way of life

As a committee we strive to do the best we can for Peer Rope and its members. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to suspend face to face classes for safety and get creative on how we still continue the teaching of Shibari and keep connected as a community...

Here enters Zoom! We all have either heard of it or have used it to connect with family, friends or work colleagues but we thought lets give online classes a go!

We have had to be adaptable to cater for those that do not have their regular rope partner and are in isolation, connection issues and learning to present on a platform that's very different to our normal way of face to face classes. Hopefully we get better as each week goes by!

One of our foundation members shared this lovely feedback recently:

"I'd like to say that PRA have done an awesome job adapting to the current situation. While the current way of running classes is pretty different and comes with a few challenges (both for facilitators and learners), I've found them quite a valuable experience from my end. I may not be in any way progressed through the foundation level checklist, but I've learned a lot about how ties/tensions work and how to make things look great (and had a lot of fun in the process)" - Jesus

Its feedback like this that keeps the committee motivated to push through to new ways of learning and living while we all face the Covid-19 way of life.

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