Monday Night Rope

Peer Rope Adelaide caters for all levels of rope enthusiast from those that have never touched rope through to those seasoned riggers.

Our Monday night rope is currently held at a venue in Hilton, and runs from 6 30 - 9 PM. On Monday nights, people come along, have a drink, bring some food, and to get to know others whom have rope as their passion. Between 6 30 PM and 7 30 PM, a munch is held - a casual "getting to know you" space.

From 730 PM - 9 PM we get to practice our skills with a peer based learning program and some instruction from the Peer Rope Adelaide, team depending on the level of the person tying and being tied.

The first class is free and then we ask for a $10 donation per person each week after that.

Send us an email and find out our location -


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