Class Expectations and Inclusivity Statement

​Class expectations:

  • All Peer Rope Adelaide Inc events are strictly 18+. 

  • Pay before class starts.

  • Consent positive space. Facilitators will ask before we touch you when assisting. Have a discussion with your rope partner about how you feel, physically and emotionally. Informed consent requires knowledge and understanding.

  • Let us know your pronouns. 

  • All bodies are good bodies. We do not tolerate language that demeans others.

  • Do not tie if your skills are impaired. This includes if you are too tired, injured, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Safety shears. We expect riggers to have access to safety shears when tying.

  • Model warm ups. Keep your body safe by stretching and moving before class starts.

  • Have a look at the syllabus, facilitators are happy to let you know what areas need work to progress to the next level.

  • Take photos, keep others out of the background.

  • Any activities undertaken are done so at your own risk.

  • Join our Facebook group.

  • Have fun!


Inclusivity statement:

Peer Rope Adelaide Inc is a space for intentional inclusivity. We recognise the intersectionality that occurs in kink; acknowledging that we need to be aware of minorities, conscious of pervasive micro aggressions and work continually to provide a space for all our members and visitors to learn shibari which is free from intentional and unintentional harm with word and deed.

We do not accept discrimination, bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, ableism or sexism.

We know better and we do better.