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Disclaimer and Responsibility Waiver

The purpose of Peer Rope Adelaide Inc (PRA Inc) is to promote the art of Japanese Shibari and provide a safe environment where members can learn the art of Shibari in a peer to peer learning environment.

PRA Inc. refers to the business of Peer Rope Adelaide Incorporated.
Peer Activities refers to anything Peer Rope Adelaide Inc. host, including but not limited to:  
⦁    Classes
⦁    Workshops
⦁    Parties
⦁    Events (both private and public)

Facilitators/Peer Knowledge
⦁    PRA Inc. operates a strict 18+ policy.
⦁    PRA Inc. operates a space for peer knowledge to be taught and shared amongst students and facilitators.  
⦁    Students accept that knowledge taught during a Peer activity and then removed from the learning space provided, PRA Inc. will not be liable for any injury or damage to a person or equipment.  
⦁    PRA Inc. does not hold formal teaching qualifications, PRA Inc. students understand this is a Peer learning experience only.
⦁    PRA Inc. is run by volunteers, facilitators are not paid.  
⦁    Non PRA Inc. associates who teach on behalf of PRA inc. (including, but not limited to international/national Riggers/bunnies, health professionals, workshop facilitators etc...) may be paid at the discretion of the PRA Inc. committee.  

⦁    Facilitators are not medically qualified and cannot advise on any injury that may occur.  
⦁    Any injury occurring during a peer activity must be recorded with PRA Inc.
Facilitator and Committee member who will be able to help with this process.  
⦁    PRA Inc. advises any injury which may occur is treated by medical professionals.
⦁    PRA Inc. will not compensate for any insurance claims or income loss due to injury occurring during a Peer activity.
⦁    Students understand they tie at their own risk.

⦁    All members must abide by the two PRA Inc. policy documents “Code of Conduct” and “Consent Policy” issued with the membership application forms.
⦁    PRA Inc. requires explicit consent discussions to be held between participating persons before commencing any activity at PRA Inc. events.
⦁    Breaches of these codes must be reported immediately to a PRA Inc. Facilitator or Committee member to allow immediate investigation. Persons who breach these policies and codes may be asked to leave the event immediately and will not be entitled to a refund.

Drugs and Alcohol 
⦁    During PRA Inc. activities, participants must not be under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs or prescribed drugs which may affect one’s ability or judgement to tie safely.
⦁    No alcohol or recreational drugs to be consumed at Peer controlled activities or if representing Peer outside the PRA Inc. premises.
⦁    PRA Inc. holds the right to ask students to stop tying, and potentially leave the premises if an activity is unsafe.  

Personal Items
⦁ Items taken to PRA Inc. activities are at your own risk. PRA Inc. does not accept any liability for stolen or damaged items.

● PRA Inc has Public Liability insurance to cover access to the building and non-peer premise up to $20,000,000.

⦁ Facilities provided by PRA include:
○ Overhead Beam supports (max. 300kg load capacity per point).
○ Floor mats (cleaning products available for before/after use). ○ Practice jute rope for floor exercises.

Students in Suspension
⦁    Students who have been assessed and authorised to suspend at PRA activities, are required to supply their own lifting equipment in suitable, safe condition.
This may include, but not limited to:  
○ Carabiners (rated for climbing activities)  
○ Suspension ring (rigger must be aware of load capacity)  
○ Slings (Must be load rated)  
⦁    No horizontal loading of support beams during suspension permitted  
⦁    PRA Inc. holds the right to ask students to stop tying, and potentially leave the premises if an activity is unsafe.  
⦁    General exclusion

⦁ This waiver of liability does not apply to acts of gross negligence or intentional, wilful or wanton misconduct by PRA Inc. or its agents

Members of Peer Rope must Read and Sign the Responsibility Waiver Register as confirmation they have read and understood.


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